Types of Door Hinges for Cabinets

You need to know that there are many different types of door hinges for cabinets. Each type has different look and function. The durability of each type is even different. In determining the choice, you need to consider your needs and taste. However, the price is sometimes also an important factor for some people to make choice. Well, are you in need of door hinges for cabinets? What is your main consideration in choosing door hinges?

Types of Door Hinges

There is actually another important factor that you need to consider in choosing the types of door hinges. And the factor is about the ease of installation. If you are a beginner in home project, then we suggest you to choose the type of door hinge that can be installed easily. Meanwhile, the professionals may choose any types of door hinges for cabinets. You also need to ensure that a certain type of door hinge can fit with your cabinet design. Consult with the shopkeeper before purchasing a certain type of door hinge.

Types of Door Hinges for Cabinets

One of the most popular types of door hinges is surface hinges. Another name for surface hinges is T-straps. The door hinges have been designed specifically to be installed on the door’s surface. Therefore, the hinges can still be seen although you have closed the cabinets. Many people consider that the appearance of the surface hinges is attractive. The hinges are available in a variety of finishes. So, they can be good complement to any kitchen decoration. Surface hinges would be very suitable for full-overlay cabinets.

Types of Door Cabinet Hinges

If you are a beginner in home project, then we suggest you to choose butt hinges. The hinges are often recommended for beginners because they can be installed very easily. They also come in relatively inexpensive prices. Butt hinges have two metal leaves that are connected by a pin. If you close the cabinet, then you can only see the pin of the hinges. The hinges can be installed perfectly on flush cabinets.

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